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Good morning, afternoon and evening!
I am Skutten A.K.A. SpeedoR and I am your regular dubstep/edm enthusiast. Here you'll find plenty of music of mine, both bad and good. If you came here to either vibe or cringe, this place is made just for you!

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SkuttenGamerGD's News

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 16th, 2020

First of all, this morning I've been working on the song a lot more than other times, to the point I finished the structure of the song. So what is left is not a lot at all. After I release the second-last preview of the track, I would like you guys to give me suggestions on what to insert in the last preview before I perfect the track and finally release the full version!

Thanks for the support of:



Special thanks to @bleenOfficial, @Unseasoned, @M00C0W92 and @CoolKid7312 for traveling with me on this journey!

Without you, this track would not exist.

Love you all <3




Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 14th, 2020

Don't let yourself get scared by the title. Nothing serious. Just... how the hell did I reach 30 fans three days after my "25 FANS!" news post?

Thank you all so much for the support btw! I'm really grateful for every single one of you guys. Keep it up ;)

Shoutout to the 5 newest fans!:






And thx to all of the people looking forward to my upcoming track! I'll make sure I upload a preview of the track at least once every 1 to 3 days at a time so I'm always able to update you on how the track is doing.



Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 14th, 2020

I got a lot of support for last preview, so I decided I would upload some previews and, eventually be able to complete the production of my absolute first Future Bass track.


  • A beginning part
  • Some FX for both the buildup and drop
  • Fatter basses

Coming 8:00 AM (CEST)


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 13th, 2020

A few hours ago I uploaded here on Newgrounds a preview of a Future Bass track I will eventually release.

You won't believe how much support I obtained!

(I mean, 2 reviews, 3 favs and 2 followers in an hour or so is a lot for a small profile like mine)

Thank you all so much for the support.

The news is that I'm working on the pre-buildup section of the track right now and it's gonna be finished pretty soon.

I also plan to work on the drop a little more by filling with more FX and I will be hopefully begin the post-drop production by next week.

So stay tuned until next week for another preview!


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 10th, 2020



Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - June 8th, 2020

Since lately I've been submitting 1 track/month (which sounds slow as h to me) I wanted to make a "poll" in which you comment the choice you prefer the best.

Should I:

  • 1 - Keep it that way (comment "1");
  • 2 - Make filler loops/shorter tracks with the monthly track (comment "2");


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - May 26th, 2020

Hello, readers!

Today I wanted to announce that throughout this week I'll be working on some designs for my profile. I have already started with the newer ones and by the end of the month (even before if I can) all my tracks should have a nice picture that accompanies them. Also, I changed my pfp to something cooler and I hope you'll like it.

Go check my new track "Dreams from a Star" at this link: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/936806

(+ .flp project and sample pack with the audio tracks used in the song)


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - April 22nd, 2020

I was finally able to build this beast up!

I'm really proud of this one too.




Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - February 9th, 2020

This is looking good!

I just made a remake of a 2019 song I made with FL Mobile to procrastinate on making new songs (no inspiration sorry), and I just finished in 2-3 hours making it look like this.


Big and ordinated!


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - December 25th, 2019

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to take time to thank you for listening my songs throughout the years!

So, as a gift for you all I'm gonna produce some holiday remakes/remixes for you to listen to.

Never done so before this Christmas, but I think it's the minimum I can do to thank you all for the help you gave me for all my lifetime on this website.


Jingle Bells [REMAKE] (in state of production while writing this);

Snowy Steps (a Christmas themed dubstep track);

Panettone (a chill track).

By the end of the next week I'm going to hopefully be able to produce them all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year/Decade to everyone!

Love from Italy