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Good morning, afternoon and evening!
I am Skutten A.K.A. SpeedoR and I am your regular dubstep/edm enthusiast. Here you'll find plenty of music of mine, both bad and good. If you came here to either vibe or cringe, this place is made just for you!

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SkuttenGamerGD's News

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - February 25th, 2018

Hi guys! Welcome here on my new post! I have been inactive (or AFK or whatever you wanna call it) for months now! But, as a "coming back", i am making a new song! I am just at not even 1 minute of the remix (yeah, because it's the remix of a song) to make it more detailed, spending 2 hours and 20 minutes on 40 minutes of the song.

And now, it's time to tell you the name of the song! *saying it with a mysterious voice*

And that is!


asdfmovie6 song (SkuttenGamerGD Remix)!

Well, i think i told you everything, the preview is coming really soon and, when it comes out, please make sure to suggest me something that i should add to the song (And don't forget, the song has to be liked by everyone that listens to it, so please make sure to not suggest something just because you would like to have the song with a different style, maybe your favorite style)

I think it was useless to say even because nobody would never do that :-(

However, leave some suggestions and bye bye!

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - January 5th, 2018

I'm so happy today! We reached 10 fans!!! Thank you all for believing in everything i am doing! And thank you also for the good and constructive reviews you give! You guys are just amazing! Thank you so so so so much! And also i thank you even for helping a bit making the songs for the series! (If you don't know what series am i talking about, make sure to look at the description of my last two loops i made for the series...) Just, thank you all!

All the people that decided to follow my work:











Thank you all again!

Most special ones:

AndoGDTunes and Infinityofficial!


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - November 25th, 2017

My song remix, "Computer Error Song (SkuttenGamerGD Remix) has got over 1K plays! It has got almost 1,3K Plays! I Cannot thank you enough! And also, we got 5 fans today! Thank you so much for the support! I never believed that i could have got so many plays on that song! Continue review that song because i got 4 reviews on that, so if you would like it, please make sure to follow me there, put the song on favourites, review it and rate it! Thank you Newgrounds for accepting me as a musician! And thank you followers: @AmazingAnimation, @Chuck-Ripper, @TAJones20 and @X3-P1k4ZK-GD! Special Thanks to: @Infinityofficial and @AndoGDTunes! Thank you everyone!

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - November 15th, 2017

Hi guys! SkuttenGamer's here and today we are back here in a new post. Today i decided, because of all your support in this period, to make a QnA Post, so right now you can tell me what you want, you can question me anything you want (except my age, y'know, PRIVACY). Now, i will gonna wait a little bit of time to see if someone made a question and i will answer, no matter if i am fevrish, no matter if i have been took by aliens, i'll answer (Yeah, but WHY THE F*** DID I SAID THAT). Well then, i am gonna produce some cewl things and i think i am gonna even try Xfer Serum, so then guys, bye and see you there next time!

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - September 29th, 2017

I had to re-install FL Studio 12 because I had to take a few weeks to repair the computer, so I waited 5-6 days and finally the computer came back without any problems, except that it shuts off every 5 seconds but the rest the computer works fine, now I'm probably going to do more songs and stuff still, I'm also waiting to have the money for the interactive tablet to draw, even because I will now make and publish drawings here, here's the information I wanted to give and we we will see again at the next song!


Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - August 18th, 2017

Hey guys, SkuttenGamer's here and welcome in a new post. I'm writing this post with my dad's computer so with my dad computer i will just post and review somethings sometimes a week. So, here is really fun in London, I'm so sorry for leaving you but, i will be active as much as i can. Obviously i will not create songs 'till i will come back to Italy. But i will be active, so, i will go play some games in Newgrounds right now, and MAYBE some movies, audio and art, Bye Bye Guys!





Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - August 14th, 2017

From tomorrow if you don't see so much of my songs its because at 12:30 a.m. in August 15 i will fly on London for a month. So if you don't see my songs for a little much time its because i will go on London!

SO! If you like my work follow me on YouTube and Newgrounds! I hope you will like my new song i'm projecting today before i go! A remix of a really old song called "Ricochet Love" by Waterflame!

Leave a comment to let me know what song i should do after the Ricochet Love Remix!



Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - August 13th, 2017

I just got scouted!

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - August 4th, 2017

I'm doing a lot of things here on Newgrounds, playing games, make new music ecc. I will never leave Newgrounds i think so you will have new content everytime i can, tell me if you like my loop song i've did and finished today under this post, and not above the post (ironic joke). I'm trying to make songs way better so you can like them because if i don't do a song of 3 minutes in 2 hours minimum, the song will sound like sh*t. I'm also trying to download some new plugin so i can make songs either better. Thank you for watching this new post i'm doing today, also i remember you to comment under this post to give me ideas for making more contents on Newgrounds, because, you know, i don't wanna end my content like ParagonX9 did. I think this post can finish here and i will see you guys at the next song.  

New Official Video of my loop -Space Stars- at this link down below:                                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVi3po69C5Y

Posted by SkuttenGamerGD - July 27th, 2017

I'm searching for some inspiration to create more songs, can you help me please?