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why tf does this feel nostalgic to me?

Brings me back. I love this style of animation!

I think it's a decent submission. The voice acting isn't the best, but at least I can see that enough effort was put into this. I am really glad that it didn't make me cringe to death like you'd usually expect from submissions with a rating this low.

Also, since I see you can kind of make stuff in RPG Maker and such, maybe try making a sample of your writing into some sort of short RPG. I think it would be more enjoyable that way.

Aslanemperor responds:

I do have a game that I've finished, but I have to hold out on publishing it here because it's part of a gamejam. I do believe that as of TODAY, I can post it here, as the submission period is over.

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sprite cranberry

The off-beat music, the "stiff" gameplay mechanics and the questionable tags make this game either a misunderstood masterpiece or a cringy piece of (jizzy) garbage.

Had quite a bit of fun with this one. Good job!

NewMalcolminia responds:

thank you!

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this song slaps!

Personally I don't think this song is too far away from a well executed idea. However, this song needs more bass and sub-bass to fill in the lower frequencies. The song would sound less empty if you could do so. Also, I'd recommend you lower the volume of some channels that are too loud and to also add a simple limiter on the master to make the mix sound cleaner.

On another note, the song has clearly had more effort put into the melodic values. The chord progression is pretty common in music but it works well in this track. The melody is always moving which makes it sound less boring. I like the drop quite a bit, but some sounds are loud enough to sound distorted, so again put more care in controlling the volume of each channel.

Hopefully this review helps you for your next songs!

Vortonox responds:

imma use this for my remix

btw thx for feedback :)

This is some lit stuff my guy. Keep it up!

Dart-Music responds:

Glad you liked this!

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ayy let's goooo


very cute

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