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This brings me back to the Rukkus days so much, but unlike those days this sounds so much cleaner and high quality.

That's some sick stuff!

This is so clean and mesmerizing. The pluck is just as emotional as I usually like it to be, and overall the track isn't empty (I hate it when a song sounds empty).

Great job man!

I can't believe I sat through all those minutes of music without getting bored.

This is actually I N S A N E ! ! !
No, seriously, this is actually mad sick. I literally did not know you could manage to ma A WHOLE DUBSTEP SOUNDTRACK FOR A FULL LENGTH ANIMATION THIS GOOD. And that color bass is just so freaking violent and gritty, I love it!

Just... wow, a congratz and a standing ovation to you and the beautiful animator behind this project. You've done a great job. And in bilingual fashion I say, "SI VOLAAAAAAA!!!!"

P.s. Listening to this weeks after release makes me feel like I have genuinely disrespected you.

Dart-Music responds:

Oh damn, didn't think you would like this track so much! And the fact that you didn't get bored with the song in its entirety really makes me happy, it means that the main objective with this song was reached (and if you want to know, the main objective was to make this less repetitive as possible).

Even though this track was made in a span of 2 months (double the amount of lasts year OST), just listening to the final product this was massive, and I really think my production skills went up by a notch with it. And considering this was made with Caustic and its limitations, this is pretty damn OP! And obvioulsy, the colorful basses I could experiment with in this track are basically my favorite part, even though it's not the usual MC OST style, and some people obviously didn't really like it.

Thank you for your review, sorry for the response being this long, And with a bit of bilingual fashion too I say ''grazie per aver ascoltato la canzone e per la review che hai lasciato :D''.

Also, don't worry about listening to this track only now, better late than never after all!

This song is pretty good, I can't lie. The sidechaining is very good too, so good job on that!
It sounds a little empty though, but I think a sub-bass would fix that pretty quickly unless you're into layering stuff.

The piano is a little cheesy. You could find something a little better as your piano, especially in most soundfonts (they are all pretty much free so it's no big deal finding a well-priced soundfont). Apart from that, it's a very good song! Keep it up!


WoolyScarf responds:

I think I added sub-bass. Should it be louder? Should I add another one? Also, can you please send me a link to a free, decent piano soundfont with no viruses(that's what's been stopping me from taking a look, they either cost money or they possibly have viruses)?

Thanks for the feedback!

Very catchy track, I see you! Good job on the boppy feeling on this one.
Some tracks sounded too loud or too quiet, but I could get over that quite well.
This song just works so well! It reminds me a lot of those old indie flash games (the ones made with actual effort that is xD)

Keep that up man, I'm really vibing this time round.


Rherdalaezian responds:

thanks for the ideas! I did think that the mixing wasn't perfect here, so i can agree with that.

this song slaps!

Personally I don't think this song is too far away from a well executed idea. However, this song needs more bass and sub-bass to fill in the lower frequencies. The song would sound less empty if you could do so. Also, I'd recommend you lower the volume of some channels that are too loud and to also add a simple limiter on the master to make the mix sound cleaner.

On another note, the song has clearly had more effort put into the melodic values. The chord progression is pretty common in music but it works well in this track. The melody is always moving which makes it sound less boring. I like the drop quite a bit, but some sounds are loud enough to sound distorted, so again put more care in controlling the volume of each channel.

Hopefully this review helps you for your next songs!

Vortonox responds:

imma use this for my remix

btw thx for feedback :)

This is some lit stuff my guy. Keep it up!

Dart-Music responds:

Glad you liked this!

lit af as always!

Holy cow, this stuff bangs!

Needs sidechain, but apart from that everything about this track is amazing. Keep making dance music, you're so good at it!

Rherdalaezian responds:

Yay this made my day!
Thanks :)

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