London is fun!

2017-08-18 10:12:45 by SkuttenGamerGD

Hey guys, SkuttenGamer's here and welcome in a new post. I'm writing this post with my dad's computer so with my dad computer i will just post and review somethings sometimes a week. So, here is really fun in London, I'm so sorry for leaving you but, i will be active as much as i can. Obviously i will not create songs 'till i will come back to Italy. But i will be active, so, i will go play some games in Newgrounds right now, and MAYBE some movies, audio and art, Bye Bye Guys!






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2017-08-18 11:59:49

if you are talking about london uk it is NOT fun trust me

SkuttenGamerGD responds:

I was meaning Enfield, Sorry. I am so stupid.