A new song coming soon!

2018-02-25 04:06:56 by SkuttenGamerGD

Hi guys! Welcome here on my new post! I have been inactive (or AFK or whatever you wanna call it) for months now! But, as a "coming back", i am making a new song! I am just at not even 1 minute of the remix (yeah, because it's the remix of a song) to make it more detailed, spending 2 hours and 20 minutes on 40 minutes of the song.

And now, it's time to tell you the name of the song! *saying it with a mysterious voice*

And that is!


asdfmovie6 song (SkuttenGamerGD Remix)!

Well, i think i told you everything, the preview is coming really soon and, when it comes out, please make sure to suggest me something that i should add to the song (And don't forget, the song has to be liked by everyone that listens to it, so please make sure to not suggest something just because you would like to have the song with a different style, maybe your favorite style)

I think it was useless to say even because nobody would never do that :-(

However, leave some suggestions and bye bye!


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